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Jonathan Hull

"If it doesn't make the bike go fast, stop fast or road legal, it's gone!"

Established in 2019, Jonathan had discovered a passion for the reimagining of motorcycles. Inspired by the Ton-up Boys and their Café Racer motorcycles of the mid 20th century. Jonathan began researching and learning the key philosophies and skills needed to be able to create his own unique style of motorcycles.

Jonathan builds his motorcycles with one particular philosophy in mind: "If it doesn't make the bike go fast, stop fast or road legal, it's gone!"

Captivated by the simplicity of the early Café Racer machines, Jonathan was keen to keep his bikes as clean and clutter free as possible. However, Jonathan also understands the importance of technological advancements in both the build processes and components.  Underneath the classic styling of these machines are ultra modern bikes with full digital, LED, lithium-ion powered electronics.

Jonathan is highly active on Instagram and is passionate about the custom bike community. He documents much of what he does for others to reference if they wish to. Jonathan has followers from all corners of the world and tries, whenever possible, to help others with their own custom projects. Feel free to follow his account and reach out. You will find him at the link below.    

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