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Own a Hull & Son Motorcycle without the wait!

The motorcycles advertised here are complete and immediately available for purchase. They are completed to the same, exacting high standards as Jonathan's commissioned builds. These are motorcycles that have been built for specific reasons such as prototyping, trade shows, events or retail display.

These motorcycles may appear slightly cheaper than a commissioned build as they do not feature any customisable options. Prices reflect the high standards of these builds and are non-negotiable.

If you are interested in investing in one of these motorcycles, please contact:   

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For Sale


Hull & Son 190cc Grass Tracker

 For Sale and Available Immediatly

This is the one and only Hull & Son 190cc Grass Tracker. Built to exhibit at the famous Malle Mile Festival in 2023, this is a true 'one of one' motorcycle. Since then, it has enjoyed a great deal of attention in the custom motorcycle scene. 

It is presented with an English cream powder-coated frame with a gloss black tank and anodised, candy apple red detailing.

The engine has had a full top end rebuild with a 190cc piston and barrel upgrade.  It is fed by a NIBBI 27mm Performance Carburettor with a custom exhaust. All casings have been powder-coated in gloss black.

The subframe and swingarm have been heavily modified, the frame itself has been de-cluttered, blasted and powder-coated.

The front end including stanchions & fork legs, is brand new.

The motorcycles has a full lithium, LED and Digital electronic system:

Powered by a Lithium, Antigravity AG401 battery that is supported by a Rick's Motorsport Regulator/Rectifier, this bike has a full NWT Cycletronic X21-P switching, fusing and relay unit that supports push button, momentary switching. This also features an engine power/kill switch that includes an indication LED that lights the engine in a soft red glow.  The motorcycle has a digital speedo with all warning lights. It has tracing LED turn signals, brake lights, running lights & plate lights with a high powered LED projector headlamp that is fitted with a custom grill. 

This bike kicks first time, it is extreamly light and nimble. It cruises comfortably at 60 mph and gets there in no time at all.    

This motorcycle is fully road legal. It has a years UK MOT (August 24) and all DVLA Paperwork.

It comes supplied with two optional setups. A stock 32 tooth rear sprocket and chain for regular road use and a 52 tooth rear sprocket & chain for track use. The latter provides maximum acceleration and is low geared on every gear. The former provides a higher top end speed.

For purchase information, please email

PRICE: £6500

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